"A girl that knows the ropes

isn't likely to get tied up!"

​                       --Mae West--

U.S. Embassy Emergency Phone # in Quito 011-593-2-398-5000

If you are an American, whether you move to Ecuador or just planning to visit, please enroll online with the US State Department's STEP program: Safe Traveler Enrollment Program.


​Golden Girls in Cuenca

How to contact the American Citizen Services (ACS) Section of the U.S. Embassy in Quito, Ecuador.   If you are looking for specific information regarding the following topics, please visit:

Travel Info in Ecuador:


Safety and Security Info in Ecuador:


Warden Messages and Updates:

U.S. passport (renewal/first time information):


Public Services information:


Information about Living in EC:


Additional information: http://ecuador.usembassy.gov/service.html.

If you live in Cuenca, you are in the province of Azuay.  Contact the U.S. Consulate in Guayaquil for services: