​Golden Girls in Cuenca

Myrna Sales

Moved to Cuenca from:  Pennsylvania

Living in Cuenca since:  May 2013

Married to Dave

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, travel, water sports

Former occupation: PhD Medical Science Liaison: Source of IncomePensions, IRA and savings.

Too young for Social Security

Why did she move to Cuenca?

"I think the U.S. is going to hell in a hand basket. We were ready to slow down and get out of the cold environment of rural Pennsylvania. We were tired of the over-active lifestyle there."

"We made two 'check it out' trips to Cuenca before we decided to move here. We feel the lifestyle is very easy here; the cost of living is very easy; and, you can travel to a lot of places from here.

We feel we are well-positioned here, geographically, to traveling to other places in South America."

How does she feel about living in Cuenca?

"I'm very happy here. We make friends very easily here and our social life is very active. I can forget what day it is and just plan according to our calendar."

How was her Spanish before she moved here?

"I knew a bit and we have taken courses here. We've also traveled (to Spain) and I'm comfortable using my 'Spanglish.' Really, I can get around on my own and make myself understood. So I'm comfortable with my adaptation to it."

What's her favorite thing about living in Cuenca?

"One of the most beautiful things about Cuenca is the restaurants! It's so easy to meet and make new friends here. I am happy here!"

How's her health since moving to Cuenca?

"Cuenca is a gorgeous town for walking. I had a trainer in the States and we brought our bikes down in our container shipment. So I enjoy going biking in Parque Paraiso and I enjoy swimming in the pool at the University of Cuenca. We haven't had to use any medical services since we moved here, although we do get our prescriptions from one particular pharmacy."

Did she have an "Ah-Ha" moment when Cuenca started to feel like home?

" Not one. It's been a gradual build-up to realize that hey, life is good here. It is so much fun not to work anymore! Now we can go to lunch and take as many hours as we want, just sitting and talking."

Her advice to other Golden Girls still living in the U.S.?
"Think your retirement through so you're not confused and you know how you want to live.
Most importantly, be adaptable! The external beauty here is nowhere near the internal beauty you will find here. Find the personal living space that feels right for you and then fill your time with things that you enjoy. We brought a container down with all of our toys and some things we knew we would want, like an electric stove. But anything you need to have can be custom-made here.
The other important thing we brought were our cats!"