"I love the fact that you care enough to be the "glue" that connects us through Golden Girls!  It personally makes me feel that I "count" and that I am visible and valuable to my new community.  It gives us women an avenue for involvement on whatever level we choose through the connections we can make at your functions.  Without a resource such as yours, I am afraid other women, and I, would lose that sense of connection and community that is so important to establish in a new country.  So, thank you Christine, for your incredible insightfulness and support!

I am hoping these luncheons can continue -- I was really disappointed to miss the last one.  It sounded like the format for the last luncheon was well-received.  I think it is important to have some part of the get-together be informative in some way because it is nice to "take away" something when you have attended a gathering.  

Most of all, I love the sense of friendship and excitement that you create wherever you are!  I note that you make each woman feel welcomed into the group and to Ecuador."


An Excellent Guide for Working Girls Too! By Sylvia Renfro I read A Golden Girl's Guide to Retirement in Cuenca during my last weeks as an English as Foreign Language teacher in Ankara, Turkey. I absolutely loved Christine Collins' personal and friendly style of writing, as well as the useful information she shared about Cuenca. She answered all of my questions, plus some I would never have thought of asking! As a golden girl who has had a lifelong desire to become proficient in Spanish, Cuenca sounds like a great place for my next adventure. Thanks, Christine!

I LOVE IT!!  By LegalSec 

This was my first Kindle purchase and I was overjoyed with the content of this book. Christine lays it all out there in a fun and exciting way! I can hardly wait to get to Cuenca and pick up my city map to locate all the places I want and need to go as a Golden Girl with my husband tagging along! Thanks Christine for your very helpful insight into what we need to know before moving and once we get there!

Moving to Cuenca? This One's for You!
By Globalwoman999

I enjoyed reading this book and feel it gave me lots of good information about life in Cuenca, Ecuador. The author's style is personable and warm. You can tell she values the culture of the people and her book shares great advice about how to make the transition there.


I am retiring this June and I am seriously looking not only into international travel, but into possibly relocating outside of the US. For several months I have read as much as I can about Cuenca. None of those books compared to this one. I love Christine's style of writing and her sense of humor. She included interviews with women who told their experiences in relocating to Cuenca. The very practical information is priceless and geared to help women. I definitely am excited about exploring this beautiful city and hope to meet some of the outstanding women in this book. I especially can't wait to meet the author!

Excellent source of information! By Lynn Puccio 

I have been reading many books regarding retirement in Cuenca. This book covers it all and then some! The reading was not only informative but entertaining as well. I highly recommend this book to anyone considering visiting and/or moving to Cuenca.The information contained in this book was amazing and totally unbiased. It is more like a handbook I intend to keep with me while exploring Cuenca. I look forward to becoming another Golden Girl in Cuenca in the near future! Thank you Christine for this amazing book!

The Best Book on Moving to Cuenca
By W. Johnson (Washington, DC)

This is an absolutely essential book if you are planning on moving to Cuenca, or even if you're already there. It has so much information. After reading this book and gaining all this knowledge that I didn't have before, I feel like I could move to Cuenca and feel very comfortable there. I love the fact that Christine actually gives street names and corners where things are located - ATMs, coin machines, post office, the SRI government office, etc. I have looked up all these locations on Google maps and I now know a lot of streets in Cuenca from doing this. There is so much information - useful Spanish phrases, cell phone information, banks, etc. Buy this book. You will be very happy you did.

The Book for all "YOU GO GIRL" Women in Cuenca
By Michael (Texas, USA)

​A fun and very useful book for all of us single women retiring in Cuenca, or even thinking about it. This is a guide for any woman. The book is well written with a light heart and covers almost anything one would want to know. Ms Collins offers advice even on the small things we all should know. She obviously has a great sense of purpose and humor. I would have enjoyed the book even if I were a new expat in Cuenca.

A Wonderful Description of Life in Cuenca!
By Rose W. Gurley (Winona, MN United States)

Christine Collins' book is a great read! I love all the personal stories of the Golden Girls' lives in Cuenca, Ecuador. Though I'm not yet ready to be a Golden Girl myself, Cuenca is certainly a place that we're considering for our "golden" years. I loved vicariously experiencing life in Cuenca through the lives of these women. Reading it has added to my excitement of soon traveling to Cuenca for our third visit. It is a very special place! 

Finally!  By Phyllis

I was really happy to see a book targeted for older females. Much of what I have been reading is geared toward couples or single men. This book was a delight. I hope to meet the author on my trip to Cuenca in July.
An absolute must read for anyone considering moving to Cuenca. Will keep as a reference book when I finally make my move there.

Good information By Cindi Martin 

I am not a single golden girl however I found quite a bit of good information. She also gives you many links to sepcific information and questions. My husband and I hope to move to Cuenca in the next two years. Will make a scouting trip this year. I am sure I will use lots of information from this book. Well worth the cost of the book. 

Considering retirement internationally
By Monica Card-Mudiwa (Durham, North Carolina United States)

I am not quite at "retirement age" but I am seriously considering all of my options since my retirement [stock market-dependent 401k w/ little or no social security benefits] will probably look nothing like my parents retirement [company pensions AND social security benefits]. I have heard of vibrant, ex-pat communities residing in seemingly exotic locations around the world, enjoying their golden years with some "gold" to spare! So I set out to do some research on the subject. Enter: "A Golden Girl's Guide..."What this guide does is give you those pearls of wisdom that comes from personal experience instead of blanket generalizations that often pepper other reference materials. Reading this guide was like talking with an old friend! The author shares things like "always have $1 bills for your cash transactions, like taxi rides - making change doesn't happen ofter"; or "if your passport will expire w/in 2 years of deciding to move to Cuenca, go ahead and renew it in the US before you move", or "carry an umbrella with you not only for the '4-seasons in a day' weather you may experience but for other reasons [you have to read this story]"! She addresses everything from the easiest way to obtain your visa to where to get your hair styled! She has included websites for additional information, which is always helpful.Its a quick and easy read with delightful quotes at the beginning of each chapter! This guide would be something to read & carry with you whether you are considering moving or simply visiting Cuenca.

​Read it all in one night By jude 

Couldn't put it down. Christine writes in such a friendly,easy manner, I couldn't find a place to stop. Love all the hyper links. As I plan my next trip to Cuenca I will use this book as my first guidebook. Now I wish I had bought the paper back instead of my kindle so I could dogear for reference. However,my Kindle does work well with the helpful hyper links.

​Wonderful Book ... Even For Guys!
​By Alan Hochman "Sculptor & Marketing Guy" (Arizona)

​Not wanting to miss anything, I read this book and found lots of new and very useful info. I really appreciated the practical tips and references as well as a woman's point of view on several topics. Definitely worth the time and the price!

​Golden Girls in Cuenca