​Golden Girls in Cuenca


Free Travel Emergency Apps

There’s no 911 on the road in foreign countries that we know of—except in Ecuador.
So what do you do if you have an emergency while you’re traveling abroad? Here are 5 free apps you can put on your phone for a medical emergency:

1 - In Case of Emergency (ICE) - This app keeps everything medical about you—height, weight, blood type, medications, vaccinations, allergies—stored in one place. And with it you can find emergency services in over 200 countries: incaseofemergency.org 
2 - Travel Health Guide - Sudden strange symptom? Altitude sick? No need to google, as this app helps you figure out what’s happening. It also offers some quick remedies. www.thetraveldoctor.com.au/about/ 
3 - Find-ER - This app was created by Air Ambulance Card, the service that flies ill or injured Americans and Canadians home to hospitals in their own countries. It stores all your vital information, includes your family and doctor emergency contact phone numbers. http://find-er-by-air-ambulance-card.iapps4you.com/ 
4 - TravelSmart uses your smartphone’s GPS to find hospitals in 129 countries—all recommended by a reputable travel insurance company, Allianz Global. A big plus for this app is a translation feature so you can communicate first aid terms in your country plus a dictionary of common medications and their names in other languages. https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/travelsmart.htm 
5 - iTriage - Besides a list of common ailments and their symptoms and storing your important medical information, with this app you can find the nearest hospital and even get an estimate on how long you’ll have to wait. If you don’t have an immediate need, you can also use this app to make an advance appointment with a doctor. www.itriagehealth.com If you’re like me, you’ll want 2 or 3 of these apps on your smartphone, so you can double check information.

Check your U.S. Passport. If it is within 2 years of expiration, renew it before you leave the U.S. It will save you a LOT of $$, time and stress. It's easier to renew when you're still in the States!

Top things Golden Girls who have already moved to Cuenca advise you to bring:

 1) Bring linens: towels and sheets (sheets can be resized here) because linens of Ecuador are not the highest quality. 
2) Cargo-type pants so you can carry cell phone, keys, money and copies of passport & cedula w/o a purse.
3) Purse that hangs in front of your body, with a strap, so your hands are free but you can easily reach what you need.
4) Leave the diamonds and gold jewelry at home/sell them/give them to your kids. Gold is a target. Silver is not.
5) At least a month's worth of any prescription medication, until you find a doctor you like here.
6) This is a cash economy. Sometimes you'll get a reduced price b/c you are paying in cash. You won't need your checkbooks here. Debit cards/credit cards/cash are used. The currency is the same, US dollars. 

Sample chapter content:

*Do all of this before you get on the plane!

* Forget your good manners: how to walk    safely in Cuenca

* What to pack for the "real" weather here

* The Tiny Penis Party: cultural surprises

* How to find and correctly use ATMs here

* Safe places to meet other people

* How to stay in touch with family back    home

* Big-time Flirting: You're not invisible here

* Shopping: organic, US products, make-  up, clothing

* Turning on your "B.S" meter

                              And much, much more!

A Golden Girl's Guide to Retirement in Cuenca

by Christine A. Collins

Welcome, Fellow Golden Girl!

I have written this book as a guide for women who are considering retiring or moving to Cuenca, Ecuador. There's a reason so many of us ex-pats have moved here in recent years. And although each person has their own individual reasons, one thing everyone would agree upon is "quality of life."


"Full of golden nuggets of wisdom and practical advice for men and women who are headed to Cuenca."

​"Wonderful book...even for guys!"                                 "Loved it!"

"Over the past few weeks I have read a half dozen books about what it would be like to live in Cuenca and this latest one has golden nuggets of wisdom especially for women that I had not found in the other books. Most of all, the author's adventurous spirit was contagious: she inspired me to want to go and experience Cuenca for myself. The author seems to be a delightful, open minded and fun loving person. Her writing style is so personable that you'll feel like you already have a friend in Cuenca if you ever do have the opportunity to go. You'll also want to take a copy of this book in your Kindle to that you have the local addresses available at your fingertips for places you won't want to miss in El Centro."

If you are considering retiring/moving to Cuenca, let me assist you by sharing a myriad of detailed information which I have gained during the past four years. I would like to help other people, especially other women, and offer them valid information in order to save them time, money and stress. In other words, I'd like to help you learn from my trials and errors.